The Men’s Resource Center of West Michigan works to provide an understanding of the dynamics of sexual orientation. We embrace the belief that people do not choose their sexual orientation. At the same time, we also believe that sexuality exists on a continuum.

The choices a man makes about his sexual life may differ depending on where he identifies himself on the sexual continuum as well as how he discerns what is most important for his own integrity and commitments in relationships. Whether a man is straight, gay, bisexual, or transgendered, we seek to help him incorporate his values, beliefs, and commitments into a fuller understanding of who he is. We strive to understand each man’s particular sexual orientation and attendant relationship dynamics while helping him develop a sexual life that is fulfilling, sacred, and satisfying.

In our work with men, we have discovered some of the following:

  • Heterosexual men who are single may struggle with settling down with one committed partner and being monogamous
  • Heterosexual married men may struggle with strong sexual feelings toward other women
  • Some men struggle with experiencing non-sexual intimacy within loving relationships
  • Bisexual men may struggle with how to honor their bi-sexuality while pursuing a monogamous intimate relationship
  • Closeted gay men who are married may struggle with strong attractions toward men while not knowing how much to share with their spouse nor what to do about their feelings
  • Openly gay men may struggle in their intimacy with other men, and find it difficult to find a community that honors their desire for a long-term committed relationship

If your organization is looking to better understand the dynamics of sexual orientation, we will tailor a presentation or workshop to fit your needs. Please contact the Men’s Resource Center for our fee schedule and more information.