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  • There are many books available about domestic violence and abuse. Stop Hurting the Woman You Love is different – it speaks directly to the abusive man. Co-authors, Charlie Donaldson and Randy Flood have over 40 years of combined expertise and thousands of hours of therapeutic work in the area of domestic relationships. They’ve helped many men learn to stop abusive behavior and stop hurting the people they love. This book combines their knowledge and expertise into a down-to-earth, easy-to-understand, “how-to” self-help manual that will help you understand and avoid domestic violence. Preview it here.
  • Why do men assault women? Ridicule each other? Need to win at any cost? Get road rage? Seclude themselves in their man-caves for endless hours of TV sports? Why do even “good guys” refuse to talk about their personal lives or cry over the death of a close friend? Here’s a book that, for the first time, answers these questions with a single word. If you want to understand men, get this book!