Why Must Men Change?

A New World

Historically, western society has been a hierarchical world in which dominance, power, and control at work and home was a marker of masculine identity. Men were celebrated for their physical bravery and stoicism, glamorized for their rugged individualism and sexual prowess, and rewarded for the ability to compete, win, and succeed at all costs. Our world needed men to be armored and cut off from their heart and soul in order to be effective warriors, explorers, and capitalists. Consequently, relationships at work and home were more competitive than mutual, more administrative than emotional, and more scripted than negotiable. The experience of being disconnected from their emotion and that of others caused many men to remain in the shallows of the sea of love and joy.

But the tides are turning. Culture and society are evolving and changing, challenging traditional gender roles. Now, some men are recognizing that they are living lives of quiet desperation, longing for deeper relationships and a more satisfying life.

The fittest males in the new millennium are those who seek growth not only in their harder human qualities of competitiveness, control, and independence but in learning the art of partnership, surrender, and openness. They seek to discard the outdated relational tools of shouted orders or stonewalling and come to the table with an open heart and mind.

Today, men need to know when and how to take off the armor in order to explore their feelings – face their pain, joy, and fears – while engaging in intimacy with others.


The Men’s Resource Center is part of a movement that transforms social and psychological structures of power based on hierarchy and fear into expressions of power based on human connection and respect. The Center is distinct from others, because its services embrace the uniqueness and gifts of men while challenging men to grow and evolve. Because it can be difficult for men to ask for help, the Center’s services are designed to engage men, while offering them an opportunity to transform their lives.

This transformation takes support, encouragement, and yes, vulnerability. For men to open themselves to their humanity requires bravery. It is easier and safer to cling to the virtues of traditional masculinity rather than explore, question, and challenge themselves. Every decision they make, every interaction they have with another person defines to themselves and others what a real man is. Men are at a great risk of acting out their feelings rather than talking about them. This can create pain and suffering for men and for those with whom they are in relationship.

The Center helps men discover and explore what it means to become a complete person characterized by respect for others and self by being open to emotions and new ideas, acceptance of differences, pursuit of intimacy, and dedication to personal growth. Its programs provide relationship help and therapy, assisting men to recognize problematic beliefs and behaviors, adopt tools for change, and obtain greater emotional and relational health.

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