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Wondering if counseling is right for you? You don’t need to have something going wrong in your life to seek a mental health tune-up. At the Men’s Resource Center, we know that success in the twenty-first century demands men possess more than physical and mental toughness. It requires them to be willing to evolve and grow and to seek wellness and balance in their lives.

Our counselors provide the tools and support men need to better navigate and succeed in today’s world, helping prepare them to function in whatever situation they find themselves as fathers, workers, friends, intimate partners, or neighbors. Why not get started with a consultation or one-on-one counseling session today?

If you think you might be struggling with depression, addiction, anger management, or domestic abuse, the confidential self-assessments below may provide an answer. Each takes about 10 minutes to complete and only you will see the results. Suggested actions follow each assessment.

No matter why you connect with the Men’s Resource Center, we’re here to help you optimize and live your best life.

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It was either succumb deeper into my addictions, facing a continued life of inner turmoil, or finally confront the shadows of my past and find a better path to the future. I found feelings, intimacy, balance and joy. Give MRC a try and shine some light on your shadows. It will not only free your mind but more importantly open your heart.