In the process of learning how to be man enough, many men lose or don’t develop emotional literacy and relationship skills.  Men’s psychotherapy groups at the Men’s Resource Center of West Michigan help men begin to understand, heal, and manage deeper emotional, relational, and character issues using a variety of modalities including cognitive-behavioral therapy, somatic therapy, and Experiential Reclamation Therapy (ERT) – a specialized therapy model created by Randy Flood and Charlie Donaldson. Our groups support men’s masculinity while cross-training them into greater balance and wellness so that they can navigate today’s world more authentically with greater ease in various social settings.

We’ve seen participants in psychotherapy groups make dramatic strides in their lives. Some may enter suffering from covert depression and hidden shame and leave with greater purpose and healthy self-esteem. Some may have partners who are ready to leave them and are able to find reconciliation and deeper intimate connections. Or some may suffer from life-long struggles with addiction or paralyzing compulsiveness and find freedom in healing old emotional wounds and learning to let go of anxieties in order to develop more meaningful relationships.

Whether in group or individually, men’s psychotherapy provides a safe and confidential environment for sharing personal struggles. By working on emotional awareness and expression, self-esteem, intimacy, and assertiveness men can fully develop as individuals. No matter the issue, men’s psychotherapy provides a way to understand the many levels, meanings, and responses to emotion; helping men be more fully human.

You can hear more about Men’s Psychotherapy groups, ERT, and Somatic therapy on the Revealing Men podcast and contact the Men’s Resource Center for more information about the intake process for men’s psychotherapy.