The Nurturing Dads support group is a parenting program providing relationship help for men by teaching them skills to be firm but loving fathers.

Fatherhood is at the same time men’s most important and most difficult job. We are seldom trained to be both disciplinarians and nurturers in our homes. Our own issues are often triggered by our children, and we act out, harming them, and creating shame in us.

In Nurturing Dads, men learn about and help each other become caring and accountable parents. The sessions cover issues that men bring to the group as well as regularly scheduled topics such as:

  • Changing roles of men and parenting
  • Child and adolescent development
  • Boundaries with our kids
  • Anger management while parenting
  • Why kids and teens act the way they do
  • What to say to your kids and teens to get back “in charge”
  • Healing our relationships with our own fathers

We also discuss questions such as “Why do kids act that way?” and “How do I get and stay ‘in charge’ without getting angry?”

Men who have participated in this program call it “life-changing.”

Contact the Men’s Resource Center for our fee schedule and more information about joining this group.