Intimate Connections: A program for partners of sex addicts was developed to offer nurturing and holistic individual and group counseling to partners of sex addicts. The program helps them understand the addictive process and its impact on intimacy. They learn to set boundaries, deal with distrust, and address any body image issues.

If the process of sex addiction help for men is a journey, their partners are often riding along without a map, traversing a painful and confusing landscape. Although sex addiction doesn’t originate from relationship problems, it certainly erodes trust, respect, and intimacy in the relationship. A man entering counseling for sex addiction is the first step in the journey, his partner receiving support and counseling is another.

Help for sex addicts and their partners

The Men’s Resource Center views help for a sex or pornography addiction as a journey of eliminating sexual acting out behavior in order to develop relational sexuality. Consequently, a continuum of counseling services is offered for the men and their partners. This combination enables healing of individuals, enhances mutual understanding, and allows for the development of a loving and respectful relationship.

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