Every year, young adults set off to establish lives of their own. And, for many, moving from youth to adulthood isn’t easy. They may find themselves stuck in a phenomenon sometimes referred to as “failure to launch.” It was this phenomenon that prompted the Men’s Resource Center to establish “Progressions,” its individual and group counseling program for young men struggling with this transition. The program helps males, ages 16 – 28, move toward greater independence and stability in their lives by focusing on emotional development, positive male socialization, mentoring, and peer support.

Young men may stumble along the road to maturity and lose their sense of purpose and direction. Progressions can assist them in finding their unique path:

  • to a career that fits them
  • out of their parents’ home
  • to better relationships
  • away from addiction
  • through the court system
  • in resolving problems at school or work
  • to improved physical and mental health

To learn more about Progressions, or about our other programs for young men, contact the Men’s Resource Center online or call (616) 456-1178.