How do you get where you want to go? On this men’s retreat, the Men’s Resource Center explores the various routes and landmarks of our lives from birth to death and the places in between. We discuss where we are on our individual paths, while discovering and processing barriers that interfere with our progress. Men help each other find meaning, forgiveness, dreams, plans, and closure.

Good Insights

It provided some good insights into myself and a sense that my problems and complexities are not unique.


Men who attend this retreat will work on questions such as:

  • What keeps you from getting what you want?
  • What are the passages that a man needs to go through?
  • Are you stuck on the journey?
  • How can you tell if you’ve completed the tasks associated with each passage?
  • How does your past affect who you are now?
  • How do you find your personal power?
  • Does life happen to you, or do you make life happen?
  • What is your mission?
  • When in hell is life going to get easier?

When men leave the retreat, they’ll:

  • Feel renewed, with greater clarity about who they are and what they want to be
  • Feel more confident and in touch with themselves
  • Experience a greater connection with other men, partners, family, friends, and nature
  • Enjoy a greater sense of well-being
  • Leave with a plan for changing their lives

Contact the Men’s Resource Center for our fee schedule and more information about this retreat.