The Men’s Resource Center’s Substance Abuse support group teaches the basics of addiction, relapse prevention, and recovery. It helps men break out of shame, addictive patterns, and isolation.

In spite of increased awareness and education, men continue to turn to substances as ways to cope with the difficulties of life. Many use alcohol and drugs in an attempt to feel happier, more alive, and socially adept. These substances can eventually end up replacing the intimacy and passion the men are looking for.

I Have Made Significant Progress

I could not take care of my family, my customers, or myself. I no longer could care about anything, but that next drink or drug. My disease and my denial, close-mindedness, unwillingness, apathy, and procrastination have alienated me from those I love the most. It is definitely a struggle, and while I believe that I have made significant progress, I realize that this is a journey barely begun.

Craig C

Substance abuse group: tools to overcome drug and alcohol addiction

We are all aware that excessive use of alcohol and drugs contributes to consequences such as violent behavior, drunken driving, poor performance at work, and strained and failed relationships. The Men’s Resource Center provides the tools men need to move away from this destructive behavior.

Contact the Men’s Resource Center for our fee schedule and more information about joining this group.