The gender sensitivity and sexual harassment workshops offered through the Men’s Resource Center help organizations and individuals learn to appreciate and respect gender differences through education, compassion, conflict resolution, behavioral management strategies.

Why do we need a gender sensitivity and sexual harassment workshop?

Before World War II, the United States had a divided workplace. For the most part women stayed at home or had one of three professions: nurse, secretary, or teacher. Today, men and women work in teams and often share power. While these changes bode well for women and the workplace, gender socialization often lags behind.

Socialization – the process by which young people learn how they’re supposed to think, feel, and behave – has long modeled that men have the right to be in control, to have their sexual needs met, to make decisions. In spite of advances in the workplace, many men hang on to those stereotypes that maintain their sense of entitlement.

These workshops show how men and women are more similar than different. The goal is to help them work together in teams, respecting differences, building on strengths, and creating working alliances.

The Men’s Resource Center will tailor gender sensitivity and sexual harassment consultations and workshops to meet the needs of your corporation or organization.

Please contact the Men’s Resource Center for our fee schedule and more information.