There’s mystery and skill involved in maintaining a loving, intimate relationship. They won’t thrive on passion alone, nor will they grow if partners become experts on one another’s deficits. Such relationships need to be intentional, skill-based, and covenantal in order for intimacy and connection to grow. They are integral to the cultivating of joy and satisfaction OR of pain and unhappiness in our lives. Intimate relationships are so important to our lives and yet it seems we know so little about what makes them work.

The Men’s Resource Center addresses this compelling topic in an engaging presentation, helping participants understand how intimate relationships function along the continuum of healthy to dysfunctional. We elucidate how the paradigm for healthy relationships has evolved over time, requiring greater personal development to achieve deeper intimacy and connection. And together we explore the dimensions of dysfunction and health so that participants can become more mindful in their quest to develop loving, evolved, and joyful relationships with their intimate partners.

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