Developing the Sacred Masculine, a program designed by the Men’s Resource Center of West Michigan, provides an opportunity for men to develop a more holistic masculinity. This can enable them to have a greater capacity to be compassionate and loving toward themselves and others. The sacred helps them reclaim their humanity while pursuing greater wellness through developing emotional intelligences, ¬†mutual respect and¬† intimacy in relationships, greater self-awareness, increased empathy for others, and overall a more robust spirituality.

A complement to existing faith-based programs

As counselors and therapists, we have learned a great deal about how the divine intersects with masculinity and are excited about sharing this with you. In fact, we believe that more peace and restoration will occur in our world when men make peace with their own souls.

Although different than studies of religious text, prayer and meditation groups, or participation on a softball or bowling team, this program is intended to complement, rather than displace existing faith-based programs, since we believe all men’s ministries have a role in nurturing their spiritual lives.

Men have a unique and often times surprising capacity to support and nurture one another. Spiritual movements such as Promise Keepers and 12-step groups such as AA and Alanon encourage participants to move out of their isolation and into openness, vulnerability, integrity, and a deeper sense of community. Developing a support group for men within a place of worship can put this spirituality into practice and create a mechanism for maintaining it.

Although these groups can focus on specific issues such as substance abuse or help for a pornography addiction, not all men who seek a sacred place to share joys and connection with others are necessarily seeking healing from hurts or pains.

It is our experience that a men’s ministry group provides a good balance of support and accountability without publicized themes. The invitation is simply for men to move out of isolation and into creating community among themselves.

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