Working with men in counseling has changed. It’s a different, and in some ways, better world. Today men can cry; they can admit they’re in counseling. They can share their vulnerabilities with less fear of the ridicule associated with times past. Nevertheless, many of the men we see as counselors and therapists are frozen in time, fearful and unwilling to embrace their full humanity.

This new world presents us with extraordinary opportunities in our work with men. We can re-think our diagnoses and treatment plans, and re-vision the goals for our clients.

Helped Me See

Enjoyed the workshop very much. It helped me see what I do that probably isn’t so helpful for men and gave me new ways to change that.


A new therapy

A new approach to therapy for men can emphasize men’s ability to change, letting go of strictures of rigid male socialization that have led them to externalize their anxiety and depression in workaholism, substance abuse, and sex addiction. Other men struggle silently with covert depression, loneliness, or a lack of meaning and purpose. We can help them to understand the struggles associated with being male in an aggressive society and help them to adopt a new vision of what life can be like.

The new therapy emphasizes group rather individual counseling, experience rather than introspection. It’s both personal and political. It’s more than cognitive-behavioral. It’s energetic, engaging, and effective. We explore how we can re-socialize men, empowering them to create more fulfilling lives and more respectful relationships.

The Men’s Resource Center offers Men in Counseling in a one-hour presentation or in a half- or full-day workshop. We also offer consultation to organizations on how to improve and tailor human services to men.

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