Marriage and, likewise, committed relationships where the mind, body, and spirit are fully involved, can’t thrive long on passion alone. They require work, nurture, and skill in order to remain strong, loving, and growing. Marriage counseling can provide the knowledge and support relationships need to survive the test of time.

Oftentimes, people enter relationships with excitement and hope, only to find themselves, at best, living with a sense of perpetual longing for something more or, at worst, harboring feelings of disillusionment, abandonment, and hostility. What goes wrong?

Noted marriage therapist, David Schnarch says “stop working on your marriage or relationship, because it is working on you.” The process of intimacy unearths unique and strong emotions. Without mindfulness and personal growth, we can follow unhealthy patterns and sabotage the opportunity for love. Intimate relationships are so important and yet sometimes we know so little about what it takes to make them work.

The Men’s Resource Center of West Michigan provides programs and services to help people achieve deeper, evolved, and joyful relationships with their intimate partners.

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My marriage has never been better

The Men’s Resource Center is a special place. I appreciate their rejection of a one-size-fits-all approach and their emphasis on a process of increasing self-awareness and self-care. I’m not sure where I’d be without MRC. But with MRC I have made great strides in my recovery, and I can honestly say my marriage has never been better.