• This anonymous self-screening test is meant to help you understand your own personality style. This test has been normed on a sample group of men who were attending a batterer intervention program. Therefore this assessment can be used most effectively with individuals who have engaged in abusive behaviors toward their partners as a way to understand their own personality style, triggers for abusive behaviors, and self-management strategies. This assessment will not, to any degree, identify a batterer, the risk of a current batterer, or the risk of an individual becoming a batterer.

    © 2006 by Randy Flood, Charlie Donaldson, Elaine Eldridge. From Stop Hurting the Woman You Love: Breaking the Cycle of Abusive Behavior.


    Below each question, identify to what degree the item describes you. Please respond to each item and answer honestly.

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I Felt Awful

A discussion that started great, about making love, quickly digressed into verbal abuse, fighting, talks of divorce, and physical violence on my part. I had numerous opportunities to flee, take a time out or choose any other avenue but physical violence but I made bad choices and did not control myself. I chose, that night, to react with anger and decided I was going to take control. Once I hit her, I felt awful.

Mark S