ATTN: Talks to Randy about Male Victims of Domestic Violence

///ATTN: Talks to Randy about Male Victims of Domestic Violence

The online news source ATTN: spoke to Randy to explore the experiences of men who suffer domestic violence. Randy talks about how binary gender stereotypes can keep men in abusive relationships and make it difficult for men to seek help recovering from abuse.

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The cultural stigma around abused men may stem from the common male tendency to avoid asking for help, Randy Flood, the co-founder of the Men’s Resource Center of West Michigan, told ATTN:. Men in general are less likely to seek counseling for mental health issues, according to the American Psychological Association.

“It’s not so much that men have [fewer] problems,” Flood told ATTN:. “It’s just there’s more permission in our culture for females to ask for help. For a man to say, ‘I need help’ and go in to talk to a therapist, that’s one step. But to then say, ‘I need help because I’m being abused by a woman’ [is even more challenging].”

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  1. Jan Shriner October 22, 2016 at 10:33 am - Reply

    When do we start to address the disorder of control? There seems to be something of a syndrome that pushes abusers to control a separate human being, to incorporate a separate human being into his or her own persona.

    When does our mainstream society start to recognize bigotry and hateful prejudice as delusion and treatable?

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