Have you made a big mistake, know you deserve consequences, but wish the prosecutor could understand YOU rather than just your criminal behavior?

Do you want your punishment to truly fit your crime?

Are you afraid the judge is going to “throw the book at you” during sentencing?

The Criminal Justice System is under scrutiny and reformation efforts are underway. We want a system that works diligently and judiciously to both protect the public and rehabilitate individuals who commit criminal behavior. What you’re charged with, and sentenced to, will have life-altering consequences. Although the criminal justice process can seem unwieldy and unpredictable, Randy Flood is poised to help by offering specialized evaluations, coaching as well as consultation and expert testimony.

Flood has been providing evaluative, counseling and consultative services for criminal courts, attorneys, and probation departments since 1992. His specialized knowledge, well-crafted skills and services, and reputation among the psychological and legal community can provide you with the advantage you need to navigate the process and get the just outcome you want and deserve. Flood can’t change the facts, but he can help others better understand the facts particularly related to scope and severity of problems, risk to public, risk of recidivism and amenability to rehabilitation.

Criminal Court Evaluations

Domestic Violence Evaluations: Acts of domestic violence aren’t a “one size fits all” problem. These evaluations assess the scope, severity and context of the problem while offering important insights on accountability, typology, amenability for treatment and recidivism. This evaluation provides the court and probation departments critical decision-making information.

Violence Risk Assessments: Assessing violence risk and anger problems to determine scope, typology, and risk management strategies while discerning needs for treatment.

Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC) Risk Assessments: Criminal sexual conduct — particularly in the era of internet crimes — can be misunderstood. Assessing the scope, context, typology, and severity of the sexual acting out problem can more accurately address public safety concerns while appropriating treatment for any underlying issues such as a progressive sex addiction.

Psychological Evaluations: Assessing psychological and personality functioning of an individual relative to criminal charges and/or convictions. Assessment findings relate levels of accountability, profiling, risks, and need for treatment.

Substance Use Evaluations: Assessing the presence, scope and severity of a substance abuse problem relative to criminal charges — such as driving while impaired — to arrive upon risk of recidivism and recommendations for treatment.

Well Respected in the Legal Community

Randy’s risk assessment protocols are well respected in the legal community, so when he makes conclusions about risk and typology, the courts listen — especially since his conclusions are based on psychological data rather than biases or advocacy. The courts trust rigorous protocols and scientific conclusions rather than opinions based on relationships.

David LaGrand, Criminal Attorney, Michigan State Representative

Criminal Court Coaching

Randy Flood has experience coaching clients involved in criminal court proceedings. He has helped individuals who are participating in Risk Assessments, Psychological Evaluations, and Pre-sentencing Evaluations to understand the process, protocols and dynamics, and their role in them. It is difficult and anxiety provoking enough to participate in these evaluations, so it is helpful to know how to present the best version of yourself in each step of the process.

Flood can’t change what you did or who you are, but he can help you not make grave errors in your evaluation process. Flood has observed countless individuals make key missteps out of emotions or naivete while participating in court related evaluation and counseling services and he has seen the unfortunate consequences impacting outcomes in these cases. He has provided evaluation and counseling services to thousands of individuals over the years, worked with defense attorneys and prosecutors, collaborated with judges and probation officers as well as mental health professionals providing evaluation and counseling to, defendants, probationers and parolees. This gives him keen insights into the most common traps and pitfalls individuals run into. Flood is trusted coach to walk with you in uncharted territory where “do overs” aren’t allowed, and major decisions are made from what you say, and do in the criminal justice system.

Flood has a specialty in coaching for men charged with Domestic Violence and Criminal Sexual Conduct. He coaches them in navigating risk assessments, pre-sentencing evaluations as well as any settlement, diversion, sentencing or probationary process. He helps coach them into greater levels of accountability and insight into their criminal predicament including seeking appropriate rehabilitative counseling and restorative justice opportunities. Flood can also help them advocate for themselves in situations where they fear how their criminal behavior or appearance of criminality may overshadow their more enduring character and desire to learn and grow.

An Excellent Place to Receive Help

The Men’s Resource Center is an excellent place to receive help for many of the mental health or stresses that life may present. As a local criminal defense attorney, I have referred many clients to both Randy Flood and Al Heystek and they have significantly helped my clients get to a better place. I recommend the MRC to anyone looking for help or struggling with issues.

Jerry Lykins, Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Court Consultation

Randy Flood has provided consultation to attorneys, judges and potential litigants involved in Criminal Court proceedings. As a consultant, Randy has conducted product reviews (evaluating the work, protocols, ethics and judgment of other professionals involved in their case), case management and strategy involved in trials, plea bargaining, depositions, direct and cross examinations, and settlement processes. His expertise accumulated over the many years of providing psychological evaluation and counseling in court-related cases helps you know your next right step.

Flood can help you understand complex psychological and behavioral dynamics so that you can better explain yourself to others when negotiating plea bargains, and arguments during sentencing hearings. Sometimes current statues are archaic in understanding contemporary criminal behaviors and public risk leading to faulty assumptions and unnecessary restrictions particularly related to internet crimes. Flood can help individuals and attorneys more accurately explain behaviors to prosecutors and judges so cases are processed and managed appropriately attending both to public safety and rehabilitation of offender.

Trusted in the Criminal Justice System

Randy’s knowledge of male psychology, domestic violence and sexual acting out are trusted in the criminal justice system, so when I bring his product to negotiations, professionals listen and respond.

David LaGrand, Criminal Attorney, Michigan State Representative

Criminal Court Expert Testimony

Randy Flood’s expert opinion provides specialized insights and reliable information for juries and judges to render just verdicts. One can’t assume juries and judges inherently know about complex and dynamic psychological and behavioral issues and thus they are at risk of faulty reasoning and conclusions. Flood can explain complex concepts and paradigms in simple language so they can better consider reasonable doubts. Flood laments how often he has seen and heard how myths and biases sway juries and courts, rather than current science and sound psychological and criminal theory. Flood can help the criminal justice system provide for justice, public safety, and rehabilitation for offenders.

Flood has been accepted as an expert in many courts and has experience in the court room testimony on the scope, severity and typologies of domestic violence, assault and battery, child abuse, sexual addiction and sexual acting out. He also can testify on the appropriate scope, protocols and ethical practices of specialized clinical services such as risk assessments, psychological evaluations, batterer intervention programs, sex addiction/offending recovery programs, and other court-related counseling. When juries and judges have valid and reliable information, they are more likely to make good and valid verdicts, rulings and judgments.

Randy Flood