Criminal Court Coaching

Criminal Court Coaching


The Criminal Court system — despite recent efforts at reform — can seem as if it’s bent more toward herding defendants toward punishment than pursuing appropriate justice and rehabilitation. As a defendant or criminal attorney, you may find yourself seemingly caught between what the prosecutor thinks and what really happened. You know you made a big mistake, but you want your punishment to fit the crime. Randy Flood’s specialized knowledge in men’s psychology and his experience with the criminal justice system uniquely position him to help you navigate your next right step.


Your Guide Through the Criminal Court System

No one wants to have to appear in criminal court. But, if you are facing charges, it helps to know how the system works and how best to present your case. Ultimately, what you’re charged with, and sentenced to, will have life-altering consequences.

Randy Flood has provided court-related evaluation, coaching, and counseling services to thousands of individuals over the years, worked with defense attorneys and prosecutors, collaborated with judges and probation officers as well as mental health professionals providing evaluation and counseling to defendants, probationers, and parolees.

As a consultant, Flood works with attorneys, judges, and potential litigants. He’s conducted product reviews (evaluating the work, protocols, ethics, and judgment of other professionals involved in a case), case management and strategy involved in trials, plea bargaining, depositions, direct and cross examinations, and settlement processes. His expertise and knowledge of the criminal justice system gives him keen insight into the most common traps and pitfalls you might run into.

Flood specializes in coaching men charged with Domestic Violence and Criminal Sexual Conduct. He helps them understand the process, protocols, and dynamics of criminal court proceedings and what role they — as individuals — play. And, he works with them to navigate risk assessments, psychological evaluations, and pre-sentencing evaluations as well as any settlement, diversion, sentencing, or probationary process. Flood encourages his clients toward greater levels of accountability and insight into their criminal predicament. This includes seeking appropriate rehabilitative counseling and restorative justice opportunities.

For instance, sometimes current statues are archaic in understanding contemporary criminal behaviors and public risk. This can lead to faulty assumptions and unnecessary restrictions, particularly related to internet crimes. Flood can help individuals and attorneys more accurately explain behaviors to prosecutors and judges so that cases are processed and managed appropriately attending both to public safety and rehabilitation of the offender.

Maybe you have questions about the process. Maybe you need affirmation that you’re doing or saying the right thing. Or maybe you’re feeling totally overwhelmed and unprepared for the road ahead. Flood’s goal is to help you get the best outcome possible for the situation you’re in. His experience, knowledge, and empathy can make him the ultimate guide for the journey you’re on.