The Men’s Resource Center of West Michigan offers the Men and Soul Work men’s retreat in which we explore the costs of living and maintaining the masculine mystique.

Male socialization is the process in which boys learn how they are supposed to think, feel, and behave as men. Manliness is equated with being tough, strong, aggressive, and powerful, and always in control. Boys get called names such as weak, wuss, or sissy when they behave outside the masculine box. They are disrespected and ostracized. The pressure to fit in is huge. The result? Males squash their humanity and starve their souls.

Time to Reflect

Gave me time to reflect and allow myself to let go.


In the Men and Soul Work retreat, we examine and find answers to intriguing questions such as:

  • What did society tell us a real man is?
  • What are the psychological, relational and spiritual costs of staying in the masculine box?
  • Why and how is the male gender role changing?
  • How does fear get in the way of making changes?
  • How can we take steps to reclaim our humanity by getting in touch with our emotions, relationships, and mission?

Exploring the frontier of our heart and soul is our most difficult task in the new millennium. Although we aren’t responsible for how society trained us as men, we are responsible to make the changes necessary to reclaim our humanity and nurture our souls. This retreat is a step in that direction.

Contact the Men’s Resource Center for our fee structure and more information about this retreat.