Male socialization continues to adversely affect the lives of men and the people who love them. In spite of increasing awareness, most men are still at the mercy of rigid male training. They struggle with intimacy, self-disclosure, identity, an inability to express a range of feelings, and anger management or domestic violence, lacking workshops or counseling that is desperately needed. As a result, they often drink too much, work too hard, violate their marriage vows, and die young.

Helped Me Realize

The presentation helped me realize that we as men need to start changing the way we act especially towards women but also towards ourselves and fellow men.


This dynamic and experiential program helps educators, parents, and human service providers better understand the mental, emotional, behavioral, and relational consequences of raising males in an outdated “man box” and provides a vision and practical suggestions on how we can socialize fit and well males for today‚Äôs world.

Participants often leave feeling energized and empowered to be more conscious and intentional about raising boys differently. Men often revision their masculinity, and women understand and relate to men differently.

The Men’s Resource Center offers this workshop to schools, universities, faith communities, and other community groups and designs specific seminars to meet the needs of each particular group.

Please contact the Men’s Resource Center for our fee schedule and more information.