We all want and need to feel safe and respected in our work lives and in our social activities. As societal norms and expectations evolve, people have become more aware of how well current rules and laws help to ensure that the places in which they work, learn, gather, and play meet those expectations and requirements. The Men’s Resource Center of West Michigan supports business and organizational leaders who want to transform their facilities into healthier and more productive workplaces and professional environments. We provide organizational misconduct evaluations, consultations, and counseling to help prevent workplace and organizational harassment and misconduct and to address incidents where harassment and misconduct have occurred.

We know that, often, what happens in the personal arena follows people into the professional arena. Issues such as infidelity, mental health concerns, and addictions can impede competencies, change the work culture, and create hostile work environments. Over the years, our counselors and therapists have worked with employers on sexism and domestic violence, schools on anti-bullying initiatives, and universities on consensual sex and men and masculinities. Our educational workshops and sensitivity trainings are tailored to address a variety of misconduct concerns.

Customized Facilitated Programs

The Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution at Grand Valley State University (GVSU) has utilized the MRC’s services for many years. Most recently, Randy Flood provided a workshop for staff who facilitate student conduct meetings to discuss the current state of college-aged males. It was brilliantly facilitated and well-received.

Anthony T. Williams Jr., Director, Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution, GVSU

Addressing Misconduct

Unfortunately, the misconduct of some can impact the overall organizational culture, safety, and well-being of others. These situations are often complicated, critical, and sensitive. The Men’s Resource Center is available for consultation to help your organization with decision-making, case management, and planning where individuals are alleged or found to have engaged in:

  • Sexual Harassment or Assault
  • Violence, Intimidation, or Threats
  • Poor Anger Management and Conflict Resolution
  • Inappropriate Affairs or Relationships
  • Misuse of the Computer (e.g. accessing pornography)
  • Intimate Partner Violence
  • Substance Abuse
  • Misconduct Negatively Impacting Organizational Culture

Sometimes it would help to know what you’re dealing with. We provide risk assessments and psychological evaluations to determine scope and severity of the issue, risk for public safety, risk for subsequent acting out, and recommendations for rehabilitation, counseling, and appropriateness for reconciliation with the organization.

Comprehensive Psychological Report

I wanted to let you know that I appreciated the comprehensive psychological report filed with the court. Your efforts and the report prepared for my review have placed this case in a posture where, for the first time, the parties are made aware of an impartial view of their situation by an objective examiner. This has presented a framework for the beginning of a resolution of the many problems being experienced by the parties. Hopefully, the biggest beneficiary of your results will be the (family’s) children.

Richard Ryan Lamb, Circuit Court Judge

Individual Counseling

Good people make mistakes but help is available. We offer specialized counseling programs to help individuals who struggle with various misconduct. We educate and engage in sensitivity training around their problematic behavior such as consensual sex guidelines, appropriate boundaries, conflict resolution, abuse and control, anger management, substance use, etc. We focus on accountability and empathy training along with emotional and behavioral management. Our goal is to help them heal and successfully reintegrate into society.

For more information about our customized workplace and organizational programs or to schedule a consultation, contact the Men’s Resource Center online or at (616) 456-1178. You can also hear more on the Workplace Wellness segment on the Revealing Men podcast.