Specialized Clinical Services and Evaluations

The Men’s Resource Center of West Michigan provides a variety of assessments and specialized clinical services and evaluations for individuals, couples, professionals, businesses, and the courts. If you have immediate concerns about whether or not your behavior, or the behavior of someone else, could be a problem, feel free to take one of our self-screening online assessments or contact the Men’s Resource Center.

Specialized Clinical Services and Evaluations

Our specialized clinical services and evaluations are performed by highly-qualified and trained professionals in their area of expertise. We deliver timely and professional consultation and reports.

Specialized Clinical Services

Our clinical services are for families in transition from divorce, separation, and blending families. We have specially-trained psychologists who possess specialized knowledge in areas such as Family Court, Friend of the Court, Criminal Justice, Criminality, Accountability, Recidivism, and Rehabilitation. This knowledge is critical so that the services provided are helpful to the family; particularly the children.

Our specialists provide practical and timely evaluation reports with recommendations, phone consultations with court personnel, as well as monthly progress notes if clients pursue counseling. These services are provided in an atmosphere of respect, accountability, and collaboration to potentiate accurate assessments and successful collaboration, while optimizing rehabilitation.

Our specialized clinical services include:

  • Custody and Parenting-time Evaluations: Psychometric, collateral data, and clinical interview methods are carefully used to determine the best interests of the children related to custody and parenting time concerns.
  • Parenting Fitness Evaluations: Psychometric, collateral data and clinical interview methods are carefully used to determine the parenting fitness of an individual when allegations are lodged in the context of custody and parenting time disputes.
  • Parent-Child Estrangement and Alienation: Evaluation, mediation, and counseling to determine the nature of parent-child problems, particularly around issues of estrangement vs. alienation. We work to understand the individual and family dynamics to make an accurate assessment of the problem so that interventions and services are appropriate when discerning parent-child integration challenges.
  • Parenting Coordination: A service for divorced parents who are experiencing co-parenting problems. The parenting coordinator helps parents come to decisions regarding their children rather than assigning that responsibility to the court as so often happens in contentious divorces. The coordinator also functions as a liaison to the courts. Divorcing couples are often seen individually and together to learn better ways to co-parent, resolve conflict, and make decisions.

Specialized evaluations

When working with men involved in the legal process or other due processes such as employment conduct issues, the Men’s Resource Center is diligent in discerning what personal issues need to be addressed, versus what are artifacts of the process itself. We assess and counsel men with professionalism, knowledge, and integrity; upholding their confidentiality. In addition, we provide timely and detailed reports and letters to help with expediting cases.

Our specialized evaluations include:

  • Psychological Evaluations: Assessing psychological and personality functioning of an individual, related to emotional, relational or behavior concerns, or crises emanating from divorce procedures, arrests, charges, or convictions of criminal activity. Assessment findings relate levels of accountability, profiling, risks, and need for treatment.
  • Domestic Abuse Evaluations: Assessing concerns or allegations of control, abuse and anger issues in domestic relationships to determine scope, typology, severity, risk, and need for treatment.
  • Violence Risk and Anger Management Evaluations: Assessing violence risk and anger problems to determine scope, typology, and risk management strategies while discerning need for treatment.
  • Sex Addiction Evaluations: Assessing the presence and severity of an addictive or compulsive pattern of using pornography or other sexual acting out behavior.
  • Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC) Evaluations: Assessing the nature, typology, severity, risk, and need for treatment related to criminal sexual conduct allegations, charges and convictions.
  • Substance Use Evaluations: Assessing the presence, severity, and need for treatment related to substance use concerns particularly in the context of criminal charges or custody and parenting time problems.

Contact the Men’s Resource Center for our fee structure and for more information about any of these specialized services.