The Men’s Resource Center offers anger management workshops to provide education and skill-building for therapists and other professionals that will enable them to help men recognize and manage their anger, express themselves assertively, resolve conflict, and work constructively in teams.

New Ways of Dealing with My Anger

I really felt this presentation benefited me. I feel there are now new ways of dealing with my anger and other issues. I feel a lot better about myself and feel like I can cope with things better now.


Causes of destructive anger

Most anger management workshops deal only with what men should do when anger gets out of control. The Men’s Resource Center goes further, explaining the real causes of destructive anger.

  • Feelings that breed anger (fear, hurt, and shame)
  • Family of origin issues and how they get played out
  • Distorted and negative belief systems
  • Male socialization and how it leads to acting out
  • Spiritual voids

In our anger management workshops, we teach different types of male anger, particularly unearthing the relationship to other emotions, and an array of effective intervention and management strategies.

We provide anger management workshops in both half-day and full-day formats. We also offer consultation on how to manage anger and acting out in organizational settings.

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