The phrase, “anger management” usually refers to a program of techniques and exercises designed to help a person gain control of excessive anger or rage. While expressing anger can be a healthy release of frustration, uncontrolled rage – such as a fist through the wall, things thrown about, cars driven erratically – can lead to family problems, health issues, job difficulties, legal problems, and worse. Because men have been socialized to be more comfortable with expressing anger than with expressing other emotions, they are at risk of transforming all negative feelings into anger. This isn’t the way it needs to be.

Ways to Change Behavior

Thank you for writing a book for men! My husband’s new therapist told him to get a book on men and abuse. I found yours. You actually give ways to change behavior. We are reading together and last night was the first time that my husband acknowledged his abuse. Now he can work on changing behavior.

Diane C

Anger Management Counseling

The Men’s Resource Center of West Michigan provides a number of online counseling and in-person services to help men understand the emotional dynamics of anger, observe and deconstruct their negative and distorted thinking patterns, and identify their anger triggers. We assist them in learning to handle conflict situations and teach them how to manage their feelings, all toward the goal of creating a more healthy and accountable lifestyle.

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