Why do men assault women? Ridicule each other? Need to win at any cost? Get road rage? Seclude themselves in their man-caves for endless hours of TV sports? Why do even “good guys” refuse to talk about their personal lives or cry over the death of a close friend? Oftentimes, the answer can be found in the concept of toxic male socialization.

Based on the book, Mascupathy: Understanding and Healing the Malaise of American Manhood, co-authored by Charlie Donaldson and Randy Flood, this workshop discusses how toxic male socialization can lead to a condition they refer to as “mascupathy,” creating a weak self-concept, inadequate emotionality, and relational deficiencies with a propensity to externalize—act out feelings.

We discuss various diagnostic categories and provide progressive treatment protocols ranging from Resocialization to Experiential Reclamation Therapy done in group and individual therapy.

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