Traumatic experiences can have long-term effects that manifest themselves in psychological and physiological ways, having a direct impact on emotional and physical well-being.

Men, in particular, are trained to “suck it up” when it comes to recovering from a traumatic experience. Or, they are taught to believe that a “real man” is strong enough to endure traumatic or difficult events; so to be emotionally impacted is tantamount to inferiority or weakness. This can lead to episodes of abrupt anger, hypersensitivity, anxiety, conflict in relationships, and addictions. The consequence can be an unsatisfying and unfulfilled life. All of which can be avoided with the right help.

The Men’s Resource Center of West Michigan understands the pressure to “take it like a man,” which is why we work to engage men in an alternate, courageous, and real path to recovery; facing the realities of trauma in a safe and welcoming relationship.

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