The Grand Rapids Press and MLive recently interviewed me and Carla Blinkhorn, CEO of YWCA West Central Michigan for the article Hurt twice: Society questions validity of male sex assault, domestic violence victims. The topic was male socialization and what effect it has on men who are victims of sexual assault and/or domestic abuse.

At the Men’s Resource Center, we often experience how a man’s sense of masculinity interferes or complicates his getting help for victimization. There is often the thought that a “real man” will defend himself, suck it up, or suffer in silence.

It’s my hope that this article helps people better understand how our culture makes it difficult for men and boys to ask for help when they’ve been victimized. How they will instead wear the mask of the hero or hide in their man caves for fear of being seen as weak and less than a man.

If you have been a victim of sexual assault or domestic violence, please contact the Men’s Resource Center at (616) 456.1178.