Randy had the opportunity to speak to approximately 800 students in 4 different “Choices for Living” Classes at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan. He helped the students understand how traditional male socialization, the construction of masculinity, can lead to problems in living, particularly in intimate relationships, health care, and emotional health. He helped the students understand how mid-life crisis, sexual addiction, domestic abuse, bullying in schools, and generalized violence in society can all be traced back to males buying into the the “tough guise” of masculine idealogy. Randy used visual aides as well as student exercises to help the students appreciate how developing one’s full humanity enables men to live more joyfully and fully in the 21st century. The feedback from the class and professors involved were positive such that Randy continues to be asked to speak to this class every semester.

Randy Flood, Director of the Men’s Resource Center at Fountain Hill
Phone: 616-456-1178