Am I a Victim of Domestic Violence?

This anonymous self-screening test will help you decide if you might be in an abusive domestic relationship.

  1. Select Yes or No for each question. Please respond to each item and answer honestly.
  2. After submitting the assessment, please refer to the results page for more information about your relationship.


  1. I find myself reading my partner’s moods and anticipating his/her needs to avoid abuse.
  2. I feel isolated from friends and family.
  3. I feel I can’t pursue my dreams of work, school, or other interests because it would upset my partner.
  4. My partner often makes me feel like I’m a bad parent.
  5. My partner acts like he/she is “king/queen of the castle”, and I feel like his/her servant.
  6. I’m afraid to speak my mind or behave in any way that may contradict my partner’s wishes or standards.
  7. My partner calls me names and make me feel bad about myself. Sometimes he/she makes me feel like I’m going crazy.
  8. Everything is always my fault – the fights, money problems, the children’s problems, etc.
  9. I’ve wanted to leave the relationship, but I’m afraid I can’t survive on my own.
  10. I’m scared he/she will take the children or that leaving may put me in more danger of abuse.
  11. My partner can have times when he/she is really sweet and kind – especially after a fight.
  12. He/she promises me he/she will change, so I don’t want to leave because he/she might.
  13. I have been pushed, grabbed, slapped, or hit by my partner.
  14. I have been scared of his/her anger, fearing escalation from yelling to slamming and breaking objects.
  15. I have experienced threats from my partner coercing me into arrangements and agreements against my better judgment.
  16. I have experienced coercive or demeaning sexual behavior from my partner.