Our Transformations Toward a Healthy Sexuality is a comprehensive sex and pornography addiction treatment program providing help for pornography and sex addiction which includes psycho-education, support, and psychotherapy groups.

Catalyst to Change

I needed to control my behavior as well as my sexual addiction. The individual and group therapy at the Men’s Resource Center have been the catalyst to change in my relationship with myself, my wife, my family, and others I cross paths with in my life.


Group Treatment for Sex Addiction

The Men’s Resource Center sees treatment for sexual addiction as a journey in recovery … one that begins with personal accountability and self-management, and expands to character and emotional development, relationship healing, and increased intimacy. We believe that men who have lost themselves to the cyclone of sex addiction need help so they can be responsible husbands, fathers, partners, employees, and citizens.

Sex addiction support groups are the gold standard for sex addiction issues as they are most effective in working on relapse prevention and shame reduction.

The Men’s Resource Center works to help addicted men increase their ability to manage addictive thoughts and feelings so that they can eliminate the addictive process and live their lives more fully. The Transformations program also provides education, guidance, and counseling for partners, children, and other family members of men who need help for sex and pornography addiction.

The Men’s Resource Center offers in-person sex and pornography addiction counseling as well as online counselingContact the Men’s Resource Center for our fee schedule and more information about joining this sex addiction treatment group.