Randy Flood MA LLP, co-founder and co-creator

Randy FloodRandy Flood is the co-founder and co-creator of Altogether Boys. He co-founded the Men’s Resource Center of West Michigan where he has developed curricula for men’s psycho-educational groups and serves as the principal therapist in providing individual and group psychotherapy for men. Randy received his BA in Psychology from Calvin College and earned his Master’s from the Counseling Psychology Program at Western Michigan University. He has focused on men and boys’ mental health for nearly 30 years. In addition to his clinical work at the Men’s Resource Center, Randy offers consultations, trainings, and workshops for schools, faith communities, and other organizations on issues related to working with men and boys and is frequently interviewed about such issues. His workshops/trainings include “Raising Boys for the New Millennium.” He is also the co-author and author of several books and articles including Mascupathy-Understanding and Healing the Malaise of American Manhood and Stop Hurting the Woman You Love and “Who’s the New Man” and “Five Traits that Drive Men’s Lives,” for VoiceMale magazine.

Maggie Fry, co-founder and co-creator

Maggie Fry Maggie Fry is a single parent advocate and the co-founder and co-creator of Altogether Boys. She serves as its curriculum and training specialist and works as the Advancement Coordinator for The Fountain Hill Center for Counseling and Consultation, the Men’s Resource Center of West Michigan, and The Institute for the Prevention and Treatment of Mascupathy. Maggie has taught Religious Studies, Philosophy, Communication Studies, Race Studies, Gender Studies, Writing and Pedagogy in universities and community colleges throughout Appalachia and the Midwest and has presented in and helped organize academic conferences across the US and England on topics related to the History of Philosophy, Pedagogy, and Gender. In addition, she has worked as a trainer and consultant for numerous non-profit organizations to advance policy, legislative and sustainable community initiatives. Maggie believes we owe the next generations a better democracy, education, and planet than we have made for them thus far.

Trey Sumner, Lead Facilitator

Trey SumnerTrey Sumner has been a facilitator with Altogether Boys since January of 2015. He has a 25-year career with the US Army and US National Guard, completing four deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. His military duties included Chinook Door Gunner and Flight Operations for Medevac. Trey also served as the EO officer providing resiliency training, suicide prevention, cultural competency, and alternative spirituality support. During the course of his career, he received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Liberal Studies from Grand Valley State University, with an emphasis on Masculinity Studies and Gender Equity. Trey was President of Men in Action, an on-campus organization which has a goal to educate men on equity and social responsibility and challenge masculine norms that perpetuate violence and sexual assault and led its Sexual Assault Prevention Team.

Marcel “Fable” Price aka Fable the Poet

Marcel PriceMarcel Price is a writer, teacher, community activist, performer, and event host from West Michigan. His passion is cultivating relationships between youth and community. Through after-school programs and assemblies alongside his collaborative, “The Diatribe,” Marcel uses spoken word to empower youth to use their own voices to spark positive change. An official partner of Mental Health America, Marcel has sat on panels across the country discussing mental health advocacy. He promotes mental health awareness using his own stories and sharing the message: “At times, we all feel fragile. A paper boat entertaining the waves of life.” His crowd-interactive performances leave attendees enlightened and empowered.