The Men’s Resource Center offers a one-hour presentation or half-day workshop on boys and sports in addition to consulting with coaches and athletic and recreational directors on how to improve sports and recreational programs for boys.

Sports provide a great context to train boys to be men. Historically, they’ve been the training grounds where boys are meant to learn to be tough, powerful, and aggressive in order to conquer a competitive workplace, qualities that, at their worst, can lead to problems with domestic violence and anger management.

Positive coaching strategies

This presentation focuses on how men also need to learn to be more than tough and aggressive. They need to know how to be in respectful relationships and in safe and caring communities. While sports can train boys how to reach their athletic potential to pursue team goals, sports can also help influence them to become successful partners, fathers, and citizens.

The Men’s Resource Center teaches positive coaching strategies to empower coaches to be committed to mentoring athletes to be both winners on the field and in life.

Contact the Men’s Resource Center for our fee schedule and for more information about this presentation and workshop. Or inquire about our consultation sessions for coaches and athletic and recreational directors.