Don’t let the term “domestic violence” fool you. Sometimes called “domestic abuse,” it doesn’t always mean physical violence. And, it isn’t always directed at women, men can be victims too. Abuse is non-discriminating: it can happen regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, social-economic status, culture, or occupation. Although some men suffer victimization from domestic violence in silence—believing that a real man will just deal with it and not burden others—you don’t have to be alone. At the Men’s Resource Center of West Michigan, we provide a range of services to help men who are victims of domestic violence and men who themselves are abusive and/or controlling.

Are You Abusive to Your Intimate Partner?

It could be name-calling; telling your partner she’s worthless or a bad mother. It could be controlling behavior; finding ways to keep your partner from doing what he wants to do by taking his car keys, or tracking his communications by checking his cell phone or social media accounts. It could be economical; not allowing your partner to have access to finances or a job. It could be through intimidation; yelling or slamming doors. Or, it could be isolating; keeping your partner from family and friends. And, yes, it can mean physical violence.

If this sounds a little too familiar, you’re not alone. You’re like thousands of other men who have struggled with abuse and/or control in their intimate relationships. Like some, you may only exhibit abusive behavior periodically. Or, like others, you may have found yourself stuck in an abusive pattern. You know what you’re doing isn’t working, but you don’t know what else to do. In fact, you’ve probably asked yourself the same questions: How did it get this bad? Why do I get so angry? Why do I say and do those things? How do I stop acting this way?

If He Would Have been Accountable

I would never have left my husband if he would have been accountable, faced his addictions, gave me time, stopped yelling, intimidating, and abusing me. When a woman is treated this way, the choice to stay is taken from her. She must protect herself and her children. He has forced her to leave through his own harmful actions.


The Men’s Resource Center can help you answer those tricky questions and put you on the road to more love, respect, intimacy, and satisfaction in your intimate relationships. In addition to our in-person counseling and domestic violence support group, we provide an online domestic abuse counseling option as well as an online men’s support group for men who can’t access our services in person or who prefer the comfort and convenience of their own space. Each program is facilitated by highly-trained, licensed counselors. Take the first step and connect with us. Together, we’ll find what works best for you.

View the programs listed below and contact the Men’s Resource Center for our fee schedule and more information.

Batterer Intervention Certificate

Domestic Violence Counseling

At the Men’s Resource Center, we understand that men struggle with issues of domestic violence at various levels of scope and severity; it isn’t a “one size fits all.” That’s why we carefully assess each person’s situation and tailor our counseling to his particular needs related to the degree of abusive and controlling behavior he exhibits or has experienced.

If you’re wrestling with your own issues of anger and abuse, take the “What Kind of Abusive Man Am I?” assessment test. It will help you understand your own personality style and possible triggers for your behavior. If you decide to go further, contact the Men’s Resource Center for more information about the programs listed below.