Divorce is an unfortunate reality. When the papers are issued or show up in the mail, some fathers may experience hope and liberation. But for others, the process gets ugly and stressful. Especially if they find themselves fighting for custody of their children in divorce.

For those fathers on the stressful high-conflict tract there are emotions of fear, anger, betrayal, and hurt. These fathers may experience a foreboding cascade of legal activity including possible motions for supervised parenting time, custody and psychological evaluations, allegations of domestic abuse, sexual acting out, and parental alienation to name a few.

At the Men’s Resource Center, we have years of experience working with fathers and mothers, divorce attorneys, judges, and court professionals.

This presentation is loaded with information to help participants understand the relationship dynamics, heightened emotionality, and legal maneuvering that unfolds for some in the process of divorce. Participants leave with a better understanding of men’s issues in the context of divorce, custody, and parenting-time disputes.

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