We all know the problem of sex addiction requires help, but we often don’t recognize its extent and severity. While seldom diagnosed and treated, 10% of men are sexually addicted, engaging in voyeurism, exhibitionism, promiscuity, compulsive masturbation, use of adult establishments, and/or prostitutes. And, in this electronic age of Internet and smart phones, the use of pornography has escalated with the advent of cyber-porn and cyber-sex. Men can easily find themselves caught in the web of sex and pornography addictions.

At the Men’s Resource Center, we propose that men can break free from their addictions and learn to develop a healthy, balanced, and satisfying intimate sexuality. We provide a comprehensive program for men who need help with sex and pornography addictions.

The costs of sex addiction

Sex addiction is progressive; without help the consequences magnify, leading to a duplicitous and deceitful life. Of all the addictions, sex addiction is predominantly a male problem, emanating from the toxic aspects of male socialization. The costs of sex addiction, though less evident than alcoholism or gambling, are as pernicious for the addict as for those who love him: divorce, disease, shame, anxiety, depression, and increased compulsivity.

The Men’s Resource Center explores the range, causes, and treatment of sex addiction. We also recognize the needs of men who seek help for an addiction to pornography. We examine factors such as male socialization, social networking, non-relational sexuality, and the Internet porn industry. These factors can contribute to an addictive process which results in duplicity, dysfunction, and despair.

We are available for consultation and offer trainings and workshops on sex addiction as well as help for pornography addiction. Our program includes psycho-education, support, and psychotherapy groups.

Please contact the Men’s Resource Center for our fee schedule and more information.