Sex Addiction

There was a time when sex addiction and pornography were not talked about as issues. Male socialization assumed it was natural for men to be highly interested in sex and the depiction of sexuality. A time when Playboy magazine was considered a right-of-passage for some.

Sex Addiction and Internet Pornography

But times have changed. In this electronic age of the Internet and smart phones, the use of pornography has escalated with the advent of cyber-porn and cyber-sex. Social networking sites have made it easier to engage in non-relational sex without regard for real-life consequences.

While seldom diagnosed and treated, 10% of men are sexually addicted, engaging in Internet pornography, exhibitionism, promiscuity, compulsive masturbation, use of adult establishments, and/or prostitutes. The costs of sex addiction, though less evident than alcoholism or gambling, are as pernicious for the addict as for those who love him: divorce, duplicity, disease, shame, anxiety, depression, and escalation of behavior.

Sex Addiction Treatment

The Men’s Resource Center of West Michigan teaches the basics of addiction, relapse prevention, and recovery in a supportive and caring environment. It provides the following services to help men break out of the shame, addictive patterns, and isolation of addiction.

  • Sex Addiction Treatment

    A comprehensive sex addiction program providing help for pornography and sex addiction in a supportive group setting.

  • Men and Sex Addiction Help

    Explore the range, expanding causes, and treatment of sex addiction, examining factors such as male socialization, social networking, non-relational sexuality, and the Internet porn industry.

The Men’s Resource Center offers sex addiction treatment in Grand Rapids, Holland, and counseling by phone. Contact the Men’s Resource Center for our fee schedule and more information.