Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

At the Men’s Resource Center of West Michigan, we believe sexual orientation and gender identity are an inherent part of who we are, and that sexuality exists on a continuum. We value men’s diverse capacities, abilities, ethnicity, race, and sexual orientation; celebrating differences as well as similarities among them. We seek to appreciate the various dynamics in a man’s life, attempting to honor these while he seeks his identity and clarification of his vision and values for life.

Whether a man is straight, gay, bisexual, or transgendered, we strive to understand his particular sexual orientation and attendant relationship dynamics while helping him develop a sexual and intimate life that is fulfilling, sacred, and satisfying.

Through our programs and services, the Men’s Resource Center also seeks to educate the community at-large as to how to honor and value one another regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

  • How to Prevent Bullying at School

    Learn how to prevent bullying at school through the development of innovative administrative polices, effective student curricula, and assertive intervention and prevention strategies.

  • Working with Men in Counseling

    A new type of therapy that allows human service professionals to re-think our diagnoses and treatment plans, and re-vision the goals for our clients.

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