Revealing Men
Revealing Men
Teaching Men to Manage Themselves Rather Than Controlling Others

If you’ve found yourself struggling with abusive, controlling, and angry behavior toward your domestic partner, you’ll want to listen to this conversation between Randy Flood and Otha Brown, the Principal Therapist for the Domestic Relationships Program at the Men’s Resource Center of West Michigan.

Although many of the men who participate in this program know what they’ve done wrong, Brown says they’re often without a clue as to why or how “it” happened. He sees this as the disconnect between raising boys to be strong men and in control and teaching them to think about what they’re feeling and why, and how then to respond to those feelings. While we help men focus on the missing links of accountability and empathy in domestic abuse treatment, we find men make deeper and more sustaining changes when they increase their emotional intelligence. Listen to this Revealing Men podcast to hear more about the tools Brown offers men so that they might change their intimate relationships for the better.

You may not think you need help in your relationship. But, as Brown says at the end of the podcast, “if things are going bad in a relationship and you keep running into the same dilemma with your mate, it’s a good idea to seek help.” Contact the Men’s Resource Center or schedule a confidential online counseling session at your convenience.