Life Coaching

Life Coaching


You may be striving for the fulfilling life you always dreamed of, yet, instead, you may be experiencing frustration because the vision you have for yourself hasn’t fully materialized. However, often progress toward dreams can be re-energized by honing relationship and communication skills because these skills are the core success determinants to obtaining fulfillment. If this idea resonates with you, hiring a life coach is a good choice for enhancing your communication and relationship skills.


Our thinking is the first place we communicate and carry on a relationship — we talk to our self and we relate to our self in a certain way. We then mirror this communication and relationship style in to our interaction with others, including our work mates, friends, family and loved ones. This communication and relationship style is the main determinant as to whether we are mainly anxious or calm; whether our emotions are a roller coaster or gentle hills and valleys; and whether we know what we like and want at the deepest level, or alternatively, we are at a loss as to what vocation, and other life choices will bring us that deep fulfillment.

In a life coaching relationship, a client will learn how aspects of the way he communicates with self (think) and how he relates to self, affects emotions and life satisfaction. To this end, life coaching is not psychological, depth therapy, rather, the life coach focuses on identifying present-day communication skills and habits that produce fulfillment and the communication skills and habits that don’t produce fulfillment. These communication skills are most often simple to learn and change, and changing them often produces dramatic results.

These dramatic results include the ability to manage relationships in an assertive rather than an aggressive style. That means relationships, even difficult relationships, become less polarized and often more rewarding. What’s more, since assertive communication begins with discovering and communicating those very things that we prefer, want and need, all our relationships (self, work, home, friends) will be informed by who we truly are. Knowing who we truly are and communicating in a style that is grounded in compassion and emotional accountability, are the foundation stones for a secure and satisfying life.

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