Performance Coaching

Performance Coaching


What is your peak performance? Find out by working with a Performance Coach to take you to another level of success.


No one achieves greatness alone! Individuals who are at the top of their game have reached that level by surrounding themselves with others who can challenge and inspire them. If you are someone who wants to take your achievements to another level of success, a highly qualified performance coach can provide you the inspiration to help you push through barriers limiting levels of success.

For over 25 years I have been a coach. Sometimes through my work as a psychologist and sometimes through my involvement in athletics. Sports represent to me a microcosm of how life works: those with talent, a strong work ethic, the ability to tolerate failure, the ability to set and strive for goals, and how to perform as a member of a team all translate to how to be successful away from the sport, in one’s career and in meaningful relationships. It is why many successful athletes go on to have successful business careers.

As a coach I assist individuals and teams to become more self-aware. All of us have blind spots that affect our thinking, relating, and decision making. The professional who knows himself well can operate more consciously and effectively without the interference of blind spots.

A second key component in performance coaching is to assist you in unlocking your full potential so that you can achieve the goals and objectives that you desire. Unknowingly, many professionals live with a “glass ceiling” which they will struggle to rise above. Often such a ceiling is based upon self-perceptions, historical experiences, and a limited knowledge of one’s strengths. Performance coaching can help identify those self-limiting beliefs and liberate you to achieve even more.

A final component to unlocking your full potential is developing your relationship skills and emotional intelligence.  Because without the emotional and relational fitness—proper cross training—successful business owners, musicians and athletes can flounder in their family and intimate relationships. Today, with proper cross-training and human development, we can perform at a high level in work, play, and in relationships. This isn’t about denying your masculinity, it’s about developing your full humanity, creating balance, so you’re more nimble and able to respond more intelligently and mindfully to various tasks and situations.  The ability to achieve and succeed today—push through glass ceilings—requires well-tuned emotional and relational intelligences.

I know how to achieve. I have done it, both professionally and athletically. I can coach you to achieve as well. Let’s get started with the mission of your success!

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