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You may be striving to resist cravings to drink, drug or stop other unwanted habitual behavior that is undermining you best efforts at having the life you want. Or, it may be that others in your life have been imploring you to change and you don’t think you need to you. Whichever is the case, engaging a Recovery Coach is likely the fastest way to figure out the best next steps to ending conflicts and converting unproductive and even life-destroying behaviors into a winning life plan.


Evidence shows that hiring a coach is a strong step in embarking on a new life strategy. The most successful people in the world employ a team of advisors and coaches to launch them to world-class levels of performance, yet, despite the overwhelming number of examples showing the benefit of hiring performance-improving professionals, many of us waste valuable years because we cling to the outmoded belief that we should never ask for help — clearly, going it alone is not the path of the successful.

Yet, reaching out for a leg-up if you haven’t done it before, can be daunting. You may have concerns about what a coaching relationship looks like. In answer to that, Recovery Coaching consists of two or more people participating in an often, equally self-disclosing conversation, regarding how to best grapple with current challenges through relationships, education and by using community-based supports — Recovery Coaching is not psychological, depth therapy.
The Recovery Coach you talk with, has been abstinent for many years. In your conversations with the coach, you will learn new strategies and learn of new resources. This new information will change conditions and changed conditions, most often are the catalyst for creating life-altering tipping points that will send you in a new, positive direction.

You may be encouraged to know that these dramatic and positive tipping points do occur even after experiencing years of frustration. For example, a person may quit smoking a dozen times only to relapse, yet, one day enough conditions have changed e.g. hiring a recovery coach, learning more regarding the health risk, a change in life circumstances (having a child, medical news) and the person finally quits and stays abstinent. As in the example, hiring a Recovery Coach is a condition you can change now with a phone call or email. With a coach working with you, change is the inevitable outcome.

The Recovery Coach is open minded and is knowledgeable about resources. For example, the Recovery Coach believes that there are many pathways to change, and he or she believes that a person who is engaged in change-related activities, is in recovery. These change strategies include choices between both theist and secular community-based supports such as 12-step groups, Smart Recovery (secular), recovery residences, men’s work approaches such as the Man Kind Project and skills-based practices such meditation techniques that focus on mood stabilization and on reducing craving. Finally, the Recovery Coach works with a strengths-based approach, which entails identifying life skills that have worked in the past and endeavoring to apply those skills to current challenges.

Our invitation to you is that even if you have been an I-am-an-island person, we invite you, here and now, to suspend that belief at least temporarily, by making an appointment with one of your coaching professionals.

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