Online Men’s Support Groups

Online Men’s Support Groups


Don’t let physical distance keep you from the camaraderie and support of other well-intentioned men who aspire to live a more mindful and meaningful life. The Men’s Resource Center offers confidential, facilitated, online men’s support groups via HIPAA-compliant Zoom.

To see if this might be a good fit for you, choose an option below to schedule an individual consultation. Or, schedule a detailed intake process with one of our licensed counselors.


Find Camaraderie with Other Well-intentioned Men

Do you ever get the sense that you’re the odd man out? You’d love to talk with other men about more than just the typical guy-talk of sports, work, or successes. Maybe even real talk about the tough issues — struggles in relationships or about life in general and trying to find your way and identity as a man in today’s world. But, you’re either too far away from old friends or it just doesn’t seem as if there’s anyone else like you around.

The old adage that real men make it on their own and that those who can’t are weak or not man enough has caused so much unnecessary suffering. It’s prevented men from reaching out or even recognizing when they are lonely. In fact, loneliness has been identified as a severe mental health problem for many men. Often accompanied by the question “What’s wrong with me?” it can manifest as irritability, depression, or even substance abuse but is rarely self-identified for what it is: loneliness.

At the Men’s Resource Center, we’ve seen many men in this position. Over the years, our in-person men’s support groups have proven particularly effective in providing opportunities for interaction with men who face similar personal struggles. Through insightful and sometimes challenging discussions, they find support, education, and growth. Now, we’re offering that camaraderie and support online using HIPAA-compliant Zoom.

When you join an online men’s support group, you’ll find other men who are willing to share honest, open, and meaningful conversations about real-life issues men face. Not only that, you’ll discover the tools you need for personal development, accountability, and self-improvement. Each group session is facilitated by a highly-trained, licensed counselor experienced in running men’s groups. And, no matter where you are, you’ll be able to participate: business trip, stationed overseas, vacation, home, office, etc.

Benefits Include

  • Convenience
  • Privacy
  • Highly-trained, licensed facilitators
  • Interview process before committing to join a group
  • HIPAA-compliant Zoom sessions
  • Referrals if needed
  • May be covered by insurance*

Join an Online Support Group Now

Don’t buy into the idea that you have to deal with life on your own. In our online men’s support groups you’ll find the camaraderie, challenges, and support you need to help you become the person you want to be.

If you’re interested in learning more about our online men’s support groups, schedule an individual virtual consultation. We’ll discuss the group process with you and see if it would be a good fit. Our intake process is conducted by one of our licensed counselors. It’s an in-depth process that lets us get to know you better while providing an opportunity to explain the group process and develop personal goals for your participation. Your confidentiality and privacy are ensured.

Contact the Men’s Resource Center now or choose an option below to schedule your individual consultation or intake interview.

*Michigan residents, check with your insurance provider

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