Anxiety and depression; you can hardly turn on the television without seeing an ad for a drug with which to treat them. Lately, many of the ads include men. It’s not that more men are anxious or depressed these days. It’s that anxiety and depression are finally being acknowledged as more than “women’s issues.” In a world in which men have for so long been expected to be strong and silent, those with anxiety or depression might hold those feelings tight and self-medicate. This can lead to addictions, violence, relationship problems, and other debilitating behaviors.

The Men’s Resource Center of West Michigan provides a number of services designed to help men recognize and treat the causes of their anxiety and depression in a safe and supporting environment. We believe it isn’t “unmanly” to struggle with depression or anxiety; it’s just a human condition. Asking for help is courageous and good self-care. We have counseling services that help men grow in mind and spirit, while offering them an opportunity to transform their lives into a life of meaning and satisfaction.

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