Family Court Coaching for Parents

Family Court Coaching for Parents


The Family Court system can be unwieldy and overwhelming. You want to shield and protect your children from the process and sometimes, even from the negative influence of your co-parent. Not knowing how to navigate the system can result in life-altering parent-child relationship consequences. If you’re working through a divorce or in the throes of resist and refuse dynamics — particularly from parental alienation — Randy Flood and his colleagues are uniquely positioned to guide you and/or your attorney through the process.


Your Guide Through the Family Court System

It’s difficult enough separating from a spouse or partner. Often, when children are involved, the situation becomes more complicated. Ideally, each parent loves their children and themselves more than winning, or being right, or feeling vindicated. Sometimes though, in the midst of a divorce or separation, what’s best for the children can be overshadowed by their parents’ needs.

Family Court can be intimidating, angering, mysterious, and confusing especially when you’re the one trying to navigate the system. The stress can throw idealism out the window. There are so many landmines to step on when trying to navigate the system, including encounters with a myriad of mental health and legal professionals.

Rather than walking through uncharted territory alone, where “do-overs” aren’t allowed and major decisions are made from an accumulation of data points and trends, it’s better to reach out to people who know how the system works. At the Men’s Resource Center, we can provide expertise and experience to help guide you through one of the most difficult times in your life.

Understanding How the Process Works

Randy Flood and his associates have the experience and specialized knowledge that will help you translate and understand the language, the protocol, and the process of Family Court. They can also explain how the mental health and legal systems intersect.

If you’re wondering how to prepare for a court-ordered evaluation or investigation, how reunification counseling can help, or you have no idea how something you said or did could be so wrongly interpreted, they can help provide the answers you need to move forward with more confidence.

With over two decades of professional experience as a family court evaluator, counselor, parenting coordinator, reunification counselor, and expert consultant, Randy aptly and confidently coaches individuals who are participating in custody and parenting time evaluations, parent-child reunification counseling, parent coordination, and parenting fitness evaluations. There are few situations or questions he has not encountered.

An associate evaluator, Zach Flood works closely with Randy, providing direct forensic evaluative, counseling, and coaching services. These include co-parenting counseling and parenting fitness evaluations.

Support for Attorneys and Judges

It’s important that your attorneys explain your situation in the best way possible. Randy is able to provide expert insight, guidance, and opinions to attorneys and judges involved in Family Court proceedings. He can help them understand and explain complex psychological and family systems theories, domestic violence, high-conflict divorce and co-parenting dynamics, and parent-child contact problems due to alienation or abuse.

His areas of expertise include:

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Avoid Common Mistakes Parents Make in the Family Court Process

Even amicable break-ups can prove difficult when children are involved, particularly children who reject and resist parenting time. Unfortunately, in cases where parental alienation is a factor, even well-meaning professionals can get it wrong. When working with mental health and legal professionals, you may think you’re saying or doing the right thing only to have it backfire on you. The more information you have, the better chance of achieving the best outcome. If you’re bewildered by the process or just questioning what your next right step should be, now’s the time to take action.

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