Parental Alienation Support Group

Parental Alienation Support Group


Divorce is upsetting. But parental alienation can break your heart. To be rejected by your own child and fear you’ll never see them again is devastating. There are so many questions and so much that just doesn’t make sense. This online support group for alienated fathers can help provide clarity, answers, and understanding in a safe space.


There may be nothing more devastating than to experience your own children’s rejection of you as a parent. To hear them say that they despise you. That they don’t want you to be a part of their life anymore. Suddenly, those wonderful memories you share with them of tossing the football or playing dress-up are now characterized with statements such as, “that wasn’t even fun. I never wanted to do that with you.” This can be the new and painful reality for parents who suffer from parental alienation.

Being a parent is one of the most emotionally charged undertakings that any man will ever embark upon. A successful and satisfying relationship can produce positive emotions of joy, excitement, and love. On the other hand, an unsuccessful and dissatisfying relationship can cause negative emotions of despair, frustration, and anguish.  When a parent’s relationship with their child is fractured by parental alienation after divorce, it can leave deep and painful wounds. These wounds get deeper and more painful every time your child rejects you at the behest of the other parent. It’s difficult to know the right way to respond. And it’s hard not to feel alone and isolated. This sense of helplessness and uncertainty can lead to common mistakes and sometimes disproportionate and devastating consequences.

Support for Alienated Fathers

Although we know that mothers can experience rejection from alienation, the Men’s Resource Center created this support group specifically as a place for alienated fathers to find support and insight. For more than three decades, we have worked with men to understand the part male socialization plays in their ideas of masculinity and their roles as fathers and parents. This group will focus on providing education, best practices, and reflective support in a safe space with other fathers experiencing similar challenges.

We are confident you will find this unique specialized coaching and support group helpful as you manage alienation dynamics while traversing the challenging and sometimes confounding world of family court counseling, mediation, and litigation.

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