Online Domestic Abuse Counseling

Online Domestic Abuse Counseling


If you need help for control issues, domestic abuse, or anger management, but help is too far away or hard to access, connect online with us! We offer confidential guidance from experienced, licensed, master’s level counselors using HIPAA-compliant Zoom.


Do you want to Stop Hurting the Woman You Love? Stop engaging in behaviors that hurt or cause your partner to withdraw? Stop using control tactics that create more relationship instability than security? Whether you’re seeking help on your own or through court-ordered domestic violence counseling, our Online Domestic Abuse Counseling program can help you rebuild a new you—more accountable, respectful and loving. And doing the hard work of changing you; you improve the chance to restore love, intimacy and respect in your intimate relationship.

As men, we get that we need education, training, and support to learn how to do our jobs, to learn how to improve our golf swing, to learn how to build a solid and sustaining business, so we seek it out to achieve success. Yet, when it comes to intimate relationships, we ask: “Shouldn’t it come naturally?” “Won’t love keep us together?” And when relationships start to fail, a lot of men are convinced the problem lies mostly in their partner, not them. They tell themselves, “I’m successful at work and other relationships, so it must not be me.” Or they believe outside stress is the issue, not them.

But here’s the truth: Intimate relationships are like no other relationship. Your problem is less about who you are with and more about who you are in intimacy and how you do intimacy. Intimate relationships are unique, and they require specialized skills in emotional management, conflict resolution, and partnering. How you define your manhood, your ability to be introspective and accountable, your beliefs about women and marriage all play into success or struggles in intimacy.

Let’s be honest, as men, we didn’t get much training in these areas and the training we did get about what it means to be a real man—take control, don’t back down, be a leader, don’t show your vulnerabilities, don’t admit weakness—may prepare us for certain roles and tasks in life, but this limited training doesn’t prepare us for the business of intimacy. The Online Domestic Abuse Counseling program does just that. You can learn and participate remotely; discover the “new” you without fear of reprisal or embarrassment.

Online Domestic Abuse Counseling is designed to help men who want help (or who are court-ordered to get domestic violence counseling ) but…

  • You can’t find a good, accredited program where you live
  • You travel too much to make an in-person program work
  • You’re just not sure an in-person program is right for you
  • You just want counseling from the comfort and privacy of your home or office

Our Online Domestic Abuse Counseling program includes individual and group counseling by a highly-trained counselor specializing in men’s issues, domestic abuse, and anger management. The group gives you access to other men who are struggling in their intimate relationships with similar issues, and you will get support and insight on making positive changes.

Randy Flood has been providing domestic abuse counseling and evaluation services since 1992. Randy, Charlie Donaldson, Al Heystek and Otha Brown have specialized training and experience working with men referred by the courts, mental health professionals, faith community leaders, human resource departments, and self-referred men. When needed, we work collaboratively with referral agents to help men demonstrate successful participation and completion of needed programming.

You can get started by scheduling an Individual Intake Process. This involves three hours of time with your counselor going over your intimate relationship history, personal history, as well as screening for mental health, substance abuse, or other behavioral health issues. We also will orient you to the program philosophy and goals, go over participation guidelines, and sign a contract as well as encourage you to set personal goals.

You don’t need to come to our office. If you’re not sure whether this is the program for you, and you need some questions answered before getting started, feel free to schedule a half-hour phone/Zoom consultation.

Based on your individualized intake and recommendations, you will then have the opportunity for Online Individual and/or Group counseling. There’s no reason to step outside the door. You will be given an access link and codes for participation in online programming.

Please note we are licensed in the State of Michigan to provide counseling and psychotherapy. For those outside Michigan, we provide online coaching and psychoeducational services. Contact us for questions.

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