Online Therapy

Online Therapy


The Men’s Resource Center offers online therapy and phone counseling in addition to in-person therapy. Receive confidential guidance from experienced, licensed, master’s-level counselors using HIPAA-compliant Zoom right from the privacy of your own home or office.

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What is Online Therapy?

Online counseling — sometimes referred to as “teletherapy” — is like having your own personal coach to help guide you through the mental and emotional challenges of daily life. Although we may be quick to hire a coach or mentor to assist with our golf swing, business goals, or physical fitness, we don’t always think about seeking guidance to explore how our interior life informs our thinking and behavior. But, believing you have to fight life’s struggles alone can only compound the confusion, stress, loneliness, or pain you’re feeling. Reaching out to a counselor who has expertise in your area of struggle is not just OK, it’s smart.

If you want this type of guidance but don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of travel, the difficulty in finding a knowledgeable and competent counselor in your area, or the potential for loss of confidentiality, then online therapy is for you. It provides a way to receive access to and guidance from an experienced, licensed, and knowledgeable professional from the convenience and privacy of your own home, vehicle, or office.  The process is meant to be fast-paced and forward-moving. If you are new to the idea of online therapy and would prefer phone counseling, we can accommodate that as well. Whether you choose online or phone counseling, our counselors have decades of combined education and experience to ensure you the best guidance and most successful path to reaching your goals.

Counseling in any form is a partnership between you and your counselor. The Men’s Resource Center will pair you with a counselor who is right for your needs or you can review therapist bios and make a request for a counselor of your choice. Your counselor will have the skills and knowledge necessary to help you make informed, productive decisions so you can get more of the life you want. Don’t let the outdated narrative of going it alone or just manning up stop you from taking an essential step toward self-improvement. Your confidentiality and privacy are ensured. Contact the Men’s Resource Center now or choose an option below to schedule your online counseling session.

Please note we are licensed in the State of Michigan to provide counseling and psychotherapy. For those outside Michigan, we provide online coaching and psychoeducational services. Contact us for questions.

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