The stereotypical mid-life crisis in men includes fast cars, younger women, risk-taking, a second boyhood. These actions were often ways to buoy a man’s diminishing sense of strength, power, and significance. The reality of a mid-life crisis, while it may include some of these things, involves a bit more soul-searching.

Society’s expectations of men have changed over time as have traditional roles and rules. In the new millennium, courageous and thoughtful men embrace the aging process with dignity and move into deeper reflection and transformation. And although some men seem to traverse these changes in mid-life with relative ease, for others, mid-life holds more confusion than promise.

The Men’s Resource Center of West Michigan provides a number of programs and services designed to help men navigate the sea of change around them. Mid-life is a good time for re-invention and evaluation. We encourage men to embrace changes that result in improved self-esteem, healthier relationships, decreased problematic behavior, and improved management of thoughts and feelings. How do you want to play the “Back Nine”?

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