Family Court Professional Services

Family Court Professional Services


The intersection of Family Court and Psychological/Counseling Services can often be experienced as unwieldy and unpredictable even by the most seasoned attorneys. This is due in part to the various mental health professionals involved, petitions made, allegations lodged, and evaluations conducted, all with life-altering parent-child relationship consequences.

By leveraging the specialized knowledge, well-crafted skills, noted expertise, and experience of Randy Flood, Zach Flood, and their colleagues at the Men’s Resource Center you can gain the advantage you need to more successfully navigate evaluations, mediation, and litigation in Family Court.


Expertise in Complex Family Systems Dynamics

When the Family Court is confronted with complex family systems dynamics such as resist and refuse dynamics (RRDs) in parent-child contact problems, many theories and arguments—often along the estrangements vs. alienation spectrum– are rendered by attorneys, investigators, and mental health professionals.

In these competing arguments, the best interests of the children involved can become difficult to understand and secure. This can lead to poor custody and parenting time orders as well as unhelpful or contraindicated mental health counseling and evaluative interventions. The probability of justice and truth determining outcomes is predicated on specialized knowledge of complex family systems dynamics coupled with appropriate orders and counseling interventions to effectively address the origin of the problematic dynamics.

Specialized Knowledge and Decades of Experience

Randy Flood understands Family Court dynamics and is known both for his opinion not being for hire—only his time—and for expertise in sometimes competing ideologies such as domestic violence vs. parental alienation.

Randy’s expertise is accumulated over many years of providing an array of forensic psychological services. These include hundreds of child custody and parenting time evaluations, psychological evaluations, and domestic violence and parental alienation evaluations for the family and circuit courts.

His experience as a forensic evaluator, along with providing Parent Coordination, Parent-Child Reunification Counseling, and Counseling for Parents and Children enables him to integrate this knowledge to offer expert insight, guidance, and opinions to attorneys, judges, and potential litigants involved in Family Court proceedings. His areas of expertise include:

An associate evaluator, Zach Flood works closely with Randy, providing direct forensic evaluative, counseling, and coaching services. These include co-parenting counseling and parenting fitness evaluations.

As a family court consultant, Randy:

  • Conducts product and service reviews (evaluating the work, protocols, ethics, and judgment of other professionals involved in their case)
  • Provides expert advice on case management and strategy involved in mediation and litigation
  • Helps compose direct and cross-examination questions of witnesses and experts
  • Functions as a Custody and Parenting Time Trial Consultant
  • Provides expert testimony to educate the court on psychological and family dynamics as well as what are appropriate specialized counseling and evaluation services for complex family issues before the court

Working to Achieve the Best Results

Randy can help attorneys better understand and concisely explain complex psychological and family systems theories, domestic violence, high-conflict divorce and co-parenting dynamics, as well as parent-child contact problems due to alienation or abuse. His breadth of experience provides him an astute and trained perspective to accurately differentiate and provide proper scope and severity to allegations often litigated in child custody and parenting time disputes. In this manner, he helps ensure that judges more clearly understand what is going on so that cases are processed and managed appropriately.

He and his colleagues at the Men’s Resource Center also provide Family Court Coaching for parents who find themselves overwhelmed by the process and wondering what their next best step should be. They will work with parents so that they can move forward with more confidence.

Randy’s expertise and experience, as well as that of his associates, serve as an asset to any team working to secure a just outcome for families who are struggling to navigate the Family Court system.

Where We Can Assist

The Men’s Resource Center can work with you, providing the specialized knowledge, services, and expertise you want to more successfully navigate evaluations, mediation, and litigation in Family Court. Contact us for information about these and other services.

  • Custody and Parenting-time Evaluations
  • Non-Testifying Expert Consultant
  • Parenting Fitness Evaluations and Risk Assessments
  • Resist and Refuse Dynamics in Parent-Child Contact Problem Evaluations
  • Parenting Coordination and Co-parenting Counseling
  • Parent-Child Reunification Counseling
  • Testifying Consultant